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LePeR MeSSiaH Reviews: Agggressor – “Bury Your Idols”

LePeR MeSSiaH reviews Mexican Thrashers Agggressor new album.

Band: Agggressor

Album: “Bury Your Idols”

Country: Mexico


I hope this review gets a decent amount of reach. Because this is the bread and butter of this fine page – the smaller, underrated band. Agggressor  (yes that’s spelled correctly) hail from Mexico and have recently released their second full-length album. 2013’s “Release of Aggression” was produced in the classic speed metal style: a blistering, unforgiving storm of pure speed with a tube amp sound. Their most recent release has demonstrated this band’s profound growth.


Their intro primes you for the straightforward thrash about to be bestowed upon your ears. Then two songs in, you come to the anthemic “Thrash Therefore I Am”, a heavy, driving rager that goes perfectly with a beer and a cigarette. A much more evolved and refined sound from their previous work that synopsizes what Mexican thrash is all about – pure aggression. A few songs after that you come to “Political Disorder”, a song so fast and heavy that one would imagine it would make Chuck Billy shit his pants. It starts off with some people singing a shanty about “Mickey Mouse” and then thrusts you into a whirlwind of heavy driving thrash riffs with a ruthless solo. And there’s even an homage to the Beatles with “All You Need Is Blood”.


The gang vocals are spot-on in songs like “Agents of Chaos” and the bass is absolutely pounding in songs like “Angelus Novus”. All the ingredients for high quality tunes to perfectly compliment the sharp thrash riffs. There’s even a captivating song that doesn’t go a million miles per hour “No Man’s Land”, that will have you holding your lighter high. There is no reason a true thrasher should not buy this album. It’s efforts like this that are the entire reason I started this page. Don’t pass this one up because you’ve never heard of the band before, you will not be disappointed.


Grade 88/100


Favorite Tracks:

“Thrash Therefore I Am”

“Bury Your Idols”

“Political Disorder”

“Agents of Chaos”



-LePeR MeSSiaH

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