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LePeR MeSSiaH Reviews: Riffobia – “Death From Above”

LePeR MeSSiaH Reviews Greek Thrashers Riffobia newest album.


Band: Riffobia

Album: “Death From Above”

Country: Greece

Label: Eat Metal Records




Over the past few years I’ve been captivated by these Greeks and their thrash. And Riffobia possess the tenacity and combativeness to be considered one of the premier thrash metal acts in Greece. I first discovered them in 2013 with their first full-length album “Laws of Devastation” – surprisingly evolved yet contains the primitive aggression we come to expect from thrash metal. My expectations were elevated and they did not let me down.


Like many albums, we get a 1+ minute intro to get prepared to rage and then we are given the haymaker in “Ritual”, an insanely thrashy, riff-driven offering that has unrelenting pace and a blistering solo. “Endless Agony”, the third song, doesn’t even give you a chance to catch your breath and has an even more ridiculous solo. The rest of the album is more of the same ragefest with catchy hooks, grandiose solos, and unforgiving vocals. A true continuation on the European style of thrash metal that made us fall in love with bands like Sodom and Kreator.


If you like catchy thrash riffs at full speed then this album will fulfill your craving. It’s bellicosity will make you want to break shit. Riffobia have lived up to the lofty expectations I had for them despite them not being a massive act. And once again I am referencing the whole reason I started this outlet. Because it’s pugnacious and highly aggressive thrash like this that needs to be shown to the world.


Grade: 90/100


Favorite Tracks:


“Endless Agony”



“Under Pressure”


-LePeR MeSSiaH

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