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LePeR MeSSiaH Reviews: Warfect – “Scavengers”

LePeR MeSSiaH reviews Swedish Thrashers Warfect newest album.



Album: “Scavengers”

Country: Sweden


I’m a big fan of Warfect’s last album “Exoneration Denied” so I had high hopes for this next release. And I was not disappointed. Warfect, once again, have demonstrated their tight grip on the throat of the New Wave of Thrash Metal movement with this highly combative album.


Right from the start with “Purveyors of Cadavers” you are pummeled by their aggressive vocals, driving riffs, and melodic solos. The second song “Reptile” does not let up either. The entire album perfectly encapsulates the shear pugnacity of European thrash metal. The Kreator and Destruction worship is real here. There is a straightforward, no bullshit assault on the ears that will leave your neck sore for days.


The guitars are a perfect mix of sharp thrash tone and heavy groove rumble. You finally get to catch your breath on the 4th track “Watchtowers”, a song that seemed a little too groove for this band, but they carry it well. “Evil Inn” is another slower song I was pleasantly surprised by. The solo in “WatchTowers” makes you get out your favorite air guitar and rage. Instrumentally there are absolutely 0 complaints to have.


Ultimately, if you wanted to know how early Kreator and Destruction would translate to 2016, buy this album. You will not be disappointed! The unyielding tenacity of this album is the aggregate of what every modern thrasher is looking for.


Grade 94/100


Favorite songs:

“Purveyors of Cadavers”


“Suffocate The Chosen”


“Skin Bound”


-LePeR MeSSiaH

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