...But this isn't Thrash!

“…But this isn’t Thrash!” Part 1: Grave – Into The Grave (Century Media Records, 1991)

grave into the grave

The first in a new feature of, well, releases that aren’t Thrash Metal!

When people think of old school Swedish Death Metal, the first release that comes to mind is generally Entombed’s “Left Hand Path“. And for no small reason, it’s an awesome album! But for me, Grave’s debut full-length “Into The Grave” is a much more satisfying album.

The album was recorded at Sunlight Studio in Sweden, and it has that characteristic thick, dense sound to it. Tomas Skogsberg (owner of Sunlight Studio) was a fantastic engineer / producer, and he did his usual excellent job on this release.

Standout songs for me from this release are In Love, Into The Grave and Haunted.

Listen here:

Grave – Into The Grave

Grave had released several demos before this album, my personal fave is “Sexual Mutilation” from 1989. I also love the demo they released as Corpse called “Black Dawn” in 1986 (that one’s more Thrash than Death Metal).

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