...But this isn't Thrash!

Samael – Worship Him (Osmose Productions, 1991)

samael worship him

Samael formed in Switzerland in 1987. Previously to this release, they had put out several demos and an EP. They all differ in sound quality, the best being the “Medieval Prophecy” EP, but they’re all worth a listen. “Worship Him” was better produced than the EP, and way more atmospheric (probably helped by tons of reverb!).

This beast of an album is one of my all-time fave Black Metal releases. Within three years of this release, Samael had turned into (in my opinion) a horrible Industrial band. But it’s not a big deal for me if a band changes their musical style, I can still enjoy their classic albums.

My faves from this one are Morbid Metal, The Black Face, and Worship Him.

Listen here: Samael – Worship Him

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