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Stress – Stress (Independent release, 1982)

stress s-t

This album holds the honour of being the first Metal album ever released by a Brazilian band.

Formed in Belem, Brazil in 1974 as Pingo D’Agua, the band changed their name to Stress in 1977 . Stress have been active since then, releasing several demos, singles, and albums over the years. The music on this release is hard-edged, N.W.O.B.H.M.-influenced Speed Metal, although bassist and vocalist Roosevelt “Bala” Cavalcante claimed Stress to be the true creators of Thrash Metal, as “they had formed before Metallica, and played as fast and heavy as they had on Kill ‘Em All” (not quite true!).

This is a really cool album, I only discovered it about a week ago so I don’t have any recommended songs. The guitar tones are fantastic, as are the drum recordings (not unusual for a Brazilian band!). The slower parts remind me of Cirith Ungol, that’s partly to do with Bala’s vocals.


Listen here: Stress – Stress

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