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Necrodeath – Into The Macabre (Nightmare Productions, 1987)


Necrodeath formed in Italy as Ghostrider in summer 1984. They released one demo under that name, “Mayhemic Destruction“, in 1985 (more Goth-tinged Speed Metal than the Black Thrash they would become). They changed their name to Necrodeath after this, and released a demo, “The Shining Pentagram” , later in ’85.

“Into The Macabre” was recorded at Obi-Wan Studio in Genoa, Italy, in 1987, the music written by guitarist Claudio, and the lyrics by vocalist Ingo.

This is one of my all-time fave albums, it’s relentless Black Thrash with slower passages and tons of reverb (just how I like it!).

Their follow-up album from 1989, the almost-as-awesome “Fragments Of Insanity” moved into Death Thrash territory. Following the recording of this album, drummer Peso left to join U.S. Thrash legends Sadus, which lead to Necrodeath splitting up. They reformed in 1998, but in my opinion never matched their glory days of the mid-to late ’80s.

Recommended songs from this one are Mater Tenebrarum, Internal Decay and Necrosadist.

Listen here: Necrodeath – Into The Macabre


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