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Terrorizer – World Downfall (Earache Records, 1989)

Terrorizer - World Downfall 1989

When half of the line-up is the current (at the time) rhythm section for Morbid Angel, plus a future Napalm Death guitarist, you know this album is gonna be a stormer!

Oscar Garcia (formerly of Death / Thrash band Majesty) formed the band in 1986 with 15-year-old Jesse Pintado (the future Napalm Death guitarist). Starting out as Unknown Death, they eventually became Terrorizer by 1987. They enslisted Alfredo “Garvey” Estrada on bass, and eventually found a suitable drummer in Pete “Commando” Sandoval. This line-up recorded a couple of demos, then split up in 1988 after Pete was asked to join Morbid Angel. They reunited in 1989 to record “World Downfall” (minus Garvey, who was imprisoned at the time). David Vincent of Morbid Angel was chosen to produce the album, and he also filled in as the bass player.

Personal song recommendations are Infestation, Ripped To Shreds, and Human Prey. But they’re all pretty fucking good!

Listen here: Terrorizer – World Downfall

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