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New music incoming: Amorphia – Arms to Death

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Arriving on Thrashmania’s inbox all the way from India, Amorphia released their debut ‘Arms to Death’ back in April. It is a solid debut that shows flashes of the true spirit of thrash metal but finds itself bogged down too much by some of the modern genre cliches exhibited by many new school bands.

The primary issue I have with this album is the lack of flow of many songs. They will often start with a vicious, memorable riff and play with it for a few bars only to kick it to the sidelines and break into a downpicked chugging riff that rob the songs in question of all of their momentum. The overuse of the downpicked riff is another trope that is getting flogged to death. The songs Toxic death and Camp 22 are good examples of this trait: Great riffs are are interspersed between boring chug riffs and I am afraid to say that I find my concentration drifting during those moments.

But when they get it right, they REALLY get it right. The album’s title track track wastes no time in slinging this buzzaw, frantic, tremelo picked riff in your face and (here’s the important bit) they stick with said riff for more than a few bars. Further, they avoid the avoid the temptation to stick in a chug riff somewhere around the middle eight. More of this boys, more of this! Airbourne hits all the right spots too. and the inevitable chug riff surprisingly segues nicely to the solo. Final track, The Lieber Code exhibits some very headbangable rolling double pedal and riffing a la bolt Thrower or later era Sodom and the use of what sounds like an R Lee Ermey’s Full Metal Jacket quote is always welcome. Vasu chandran’s vocals fall firmly within the Angelripper worship school which is not the worst thing to hear although I want more of his own personality coming through.

Overall this is a debut with promising moments but, like a lot of it’s contemporaries, it lacks it’s own distinct character. There are some great individual sections in songs here and 2 very good, complete songs, so if these guys can tighten up the songwriting and stop relying so much on cliched thrash tropes then their next release could be very good.


Listen and buy here

– Spike

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