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Bulldozer – The Day Of Wrath (Roadrunner Records, 1985)

bulldozer the day of wrath


There’s been many albums made by Italian Thrash and Thrash-based bands over the years. Only a handful of them are what I’d consider classics, this being one of them (also the first two Necrodeath albums and Schizo’s “Main Frame Collapse“).

Bulldozer had been active as a band from 1980, at one point calling themselves Barracuda. They split before releasing anything. They reformed in 1983, putting out the “Fallen Angel” single in 1984. By the time of their next release (a demo), the band had settled on the line-up of A.C. Wild (Vocals / Bass), Andy Panigada (Guitars), and Don Andras (Drums).

This for me is by far their best album. Their third one, “IX“, is pretty good. The 1984 demo is also worth checking out, it was reissued a few years ago on the F.O.A.D. label.

My fave songs on this album are Whisky Time, Cut-Throat, and The Great Deceiver.

Listen here: Bulldozer – The Day Of Wrath

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