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Black fast stretch their horizons on album 3.

Black Fast have been around the thrash metal scene for a while now, putting out 2 previous LPs, an EP and a single to more or less unanimous praise from those in the know. But is album 3 the release to get them to the attention of a wider audience? My opinion is yes, most […]

...But this isn't Thrash!

Terrorizer – World Downfall (Earache Records, 1989)

When half of the line-up is the current (at the time) rhythm section for Morbid Angel, plus a future Napalm Death guitarist, you know this album is gonna be a stormer! Oscar Garcia (formerly of Death / Thrash band Majesty) formed the band in 1986 with 15-year-old Jesse Pintado (the future Napalm Death guitarist). Starting […]

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Madrost – “The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh” Review

You can never go wrong when you say the phrase “I’m listening to California-based metal”. And Madrost live up to the lofty expectations set by the SoCal scene with this piece. If you are wondering what would happen if someone decided to cross Vektor with mid-90s Death, this is what you have: a deep, heavy, […]

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10 Old School Underground Albums Everyone Needs To Hear

Every thrasher needs to have these 10 diamonds in the rough in their collection.

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New Music Incoming: Hellcannon are back

Hellcannon are back for a third album, and they bring with them a heavier, more intense sound.